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This Democrat Has Had it, Tells Trump To F**k Off (VIDEO)

California voters came out strong for Hillary Clinton on Election Day, so it’s no surprise that they have no love for amateur president Donald Trump. The same can be said for California’s outgoing Democratic Party chairman. Over the weekend, chairman John Burton, a longtime Democratic lawmaker, had three words for the alleged president. “F–k Donald Trump,” he said while holding up two middle fingers during the state’s Democratic convention, according to the . Burton’s actions prompted cheers from the crowd with a few people raising their middle fingers, too.



California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte that Democrats ‘broke’ California, which is pretty odd considering the state’s booming economy.

“Democrats own California and they broke it,” Brulte said in a statement. “They don’t want to talk about their record in California which is why they want California voters to focus solely on President Trump.”

Trump’s administration is plagued with scandals. Every day, another scandal breaks while the alleged president unleashes mean-girl tweets, seemingly unaware of the chaos he repeatedly creates. The Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia have inundated the airwaves. The former reality show star even fired FBI Director James Comey, the man leading an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The very next day, Trump met with Russian officials in the White House and gave them highly classified information. In fact, during the convention, Sen. Kamala Harris also took aim at Trump, saying he is putting “Russia first, America second.” She’s not wrong.

Besides all that, we now know that Trump previously tried to obstruct the investigation into his possible ties to the hostile foreign government. More recently, during Trump’s meeting with Russian officials, he reportedly called Comey a “nut job” and said that, by firing the former FBI director, it relieved great pressure on him from the investigation.

Last week, the Justice Department appointed a special counsel for the Russia probe, so naturally, Trump took to his Twitter account to blast Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

For conservatives who are upset over Burton’s middle finger, stop being such whiny snowflakes. Trump told us that such snowflaky political correctness is destroying our country.

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