Dem. Lawmaker Agrees To Support Trump’s Wall Under One Condition And It’s PERFECT (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

Dem. Lawmaker Agrees To Support Trump’s Wall Under One Condition And It’s PERFECT (TWEETS)

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is probably the trolliest politician to criticize the current resident of the White House. Right now, Trump is facing a potential government shutdown over the ego-wall he promised to build along our Southern border. What’s at risk, among other things, is that the White House is that make health insurance affordable for millions of Americans if Democrats don’t agree to fund Trump’s wall. Also, too, Trump broke another promise, which we know comes as a total shock to everyone. for his “big beautiful wall.” We, the taxpayers, are. Yay for us! And it’s tax time. By the way, the amateur president has not released his taxes and he wants us to pay for that damned wall, which, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the “fully walling off or fencing the entire southern border would cost $21.6 billion—$9.3 million per mile of fence and $17.8 million per mile of wall.”

While Trump is plagued with scandals during his nearly 100 days in office, many of them alleging collusion with his administration and Russia, Lieu decided to send out a tweet about both the wall and Russia.

“The only way I will vote to fund the stupid border wall idea of is if Russia pays for it,” Lieu tweeted.

Lieu was responding to this tweet which shows how unpopular funding Trump’s wall is.

Lieu is known for trolling Trump because he’s good at it, that’s why.

Lieu is a prime example of The Resistance. We’re sure he gets under Trump’s thin skin so whatever you do, do NOT tweet this post or Lieu’s tweet to . We linked to the alleged president’s account just so you would know which account not to tweet to (wink wink).

Image via Twitter with added tweet.