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Delusional Trump Nearly Breaks His Arm Patting Himself On Back Over Puerto Rico

If there’s even one story you picked up on regarding the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Maria, the worst storm to hit Puerto Rico in nearly a century, it was the giant disconnect between how Trump thinks the relief efforts have gone and how everything actually went down.

From heading to the golf course immediately after the hurricane touched down — and then going back to the course the following weekend — to getting into a public Twitter spat with the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital city, Donald Trump was seemingly trying to look like an asshole for the last few weeks.

After he directed his Federal Emergency Management Agency to remove any of the bad news about how desperately and how many people were suffering from the devastation, FEMA was shamed into putting that information back on their website. Weeks after the storm, ninety-five percent of the island was still without power, at least half had no clean water, and nearly forty percent of the grocery stores were closed. And the supermarkets were crucial, since unlike in Texas and Florida (during the white people’s hurricanes), Trump refused to lift the ban on using food stamps for ready-to-eat food.

Honestly, all of that kind of pales in comparison, though, with the fact that through it all, Trump was an absolute jerk to anyone who disagreed with his assessment that things were going — pardon the pun — swimmingly. And not only was he a total dick, even to the people of Puerto Rico, who he called “ungrateful,” but he was barely paying attention the entire time to begin with. Trump was completely obsessed with the NFL protests going on and tweeted about them far more than any other topic during the height of his administration’s response to the American territory’s woes.

But are you ready to really be disgusted? This is what Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday, as a sort of reminder of what a pile of filth he is to everyone who isn’t a MAGA-shouting, flag-humping, half-wit douchebag:

I don’t encourage anyone to watch that video, but you’re more than welcome to if you like, and maybe you can point out any parts where Trump is doing “so much work.” I feel like I must be missing that part in the 8-plus minute video. I mean, it must be in there, because he said it right in his tweet: “Nobody could do what I’ve done.” But all I can see is a clueless, walking hairpiece of a man shaking captive, helpless hands according to which peons he deigns to touch.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I hope Donald Trump breaks both of his Twitter thumbs before he says anything else that might make this look tame.

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