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Death Threats by Ruling Family Not Even News in Turkey Anymore

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

Today was the day that Turks have been breathlessly waiting for for weeks.

Turkey's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan has been embroiled in scandal since December, when resulted in multiple arrests including sons of three of Erdogan's ministers.  

Days later the chief prosecutor on the case .  

Since then, evidence in the form of recordings of Erdogan's phone conversations has been leaking, much of it via , a play on words which turns Prime Minister into "Prime Thief."

Leaks have included conversations in which manager to pull the plug on broadcasting news about his opposition, one which captures of luxury villas in exchange for changing a construction zone, and discussing hiding large sums of money from investigators.  

Rumors have also been circulating that on March 25 a nugget would be leaked that would make all others pale in comparison--just ahead of Sunday local elections which may predict Erdogan's political future.

Some said it was a sex tape starring Erdogan himself, some that it was related to the of Muhsin Yazicioglu, head of the Great Union Party, and others that it was about a secret deal between Erdogan and , possibly granting territory to Kurds.

by shutting down Twitter last week, posting one last tweet from his account at the exact moment that access was cut:

The video portrays Turkey as being under attack by dark, mysterious forces--a common refrain by dictators who want their denizens to look the other way while they loot the treasury and strip away basic rights.

On Sunday the Turkish Air Force , claiming it had violated Turkish airspace and ignored repeated warnings to turn back.  Had it?  The Syrians claimed the planes had not left Syria, and the move could have been timed to grab headlines.

But back to March 25.

Yesterday Bascalan tweeted that there was nothing particularly special to be expected on March 25, indignantly pointing out that each of the leaks about Erdogan already represents more than enough to end the career of a politician in a truly democratic country, that there is no reason to expect "big news" as if what has already broken is insignificant.  

But then Turkish government's arch-enemy #1 did leak today--recordings of phone calls between Erdogan's eldest son Buruk and his Swiss mistress.  The call captures a lover's spat which culminates in the married Erdogan threatening the woman with death:

"What will I do now?  I will kill you, motherfucker.  I will kill you."


(threat at about the 8:35 mark)

The really sad thing is that audio of a member of the ruling family threatening to murder his mistress comes as an anticlimax for a Turkish population that has grown accustomed to hearing about its leadership conducting itself in illegal and immoral ways.

Unfortunately, the opposition in Turkey is so splintered that they don't represent much of a threat to Erdogan's grip on power.  The most likely scenario is that--barring a bombshell of epic, epic, epic proportions--the prime minister will be elected and will continue his corrupt reign indefinitely.

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