Dear Bobby How Do You Spot A Law Abiding Citizen? 

Dear Bobby How Do You Spot A Law Abiding Citizen?

It's an important question to be able to answer if you want guns everywhere

"I’m a big believer that where you are legally allowed to be, you should be able to have your Second Amendment rights as well," he said on CNN in response to a question about former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's (R) recent comments about guns in theaters, according to The Hill.


"There are private property rights issues, I understand that. Somebody has a right to say what they want to do with their private property, but I think the fewer restrictions on law-abiding citizens, the better for them and the better for our country," Jindal continued, according to The Hill.

Now from recent incidents in the news, law abiding appears to exclude people of color, or at least as far as the police are concerned.

If you are not keen on full background checks at all points of gun sale, then merely having a gun is no guarantee of being even remotely law abiding. Is there a law abiding polygraph test at the door? Do people need to wear law abiding hats?

I suppose we could have a civility license so that you can prove that you are a law abiding person. However with people like Cliven Bundy you would have to have a certain flexibility as to what is and is not, law abiding.

The other solution to this headache is quite simple, do not allow guns in public spaces. Radical I know but it has worked pretty well elsewhere. I walked out the door this morning, nobody was armed and I wasn't even rushed off to an interment camp. Really amazing, no?

The logic is pretty simple, in the industrialized world many more people in America get shot by themselves or others, either by accident or even deliberately than anywhere else. One has to wonder why, it's so hard to imagine a reason for this, I'm baffled. Damn foreigners.


The GOP candidates, desperately trying to find a way of becoming relevant to the Fox Noise selection committee.