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The Daily Show Just Ripped Trump And Republicans APART In Epic Tweetstorm (TWEETS)

The Daily Show’s Twitter guy/gal has had just about enough of Trump and Republicans’ bullsh*t. On Monday, reports surfaced that Donald Trump literally handed over highly classified information — “code word material” — to Russia during his already suspicious meeting with two of Vladimir Putin’s envoys that was .

Trump passed on classified information provided by one of our allies related to ISIS after being that if he passed such information too far — like to Russia — that ally would stop providing us with information. Though Trump did something terrible and put our nation at risk, Republicans have been talking about Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified information in an effort to appease their ridiculously stupid base and distract from Trump’s issues — so the Daily Show collected a few billion examples of them doing that during the campaign:

Yes, how many times will we find Republicans criticizing the exact thing Trump is doing? Unfortunately, that seems to be the standard approach each and every time Trump is caught doing something horrible.

The revelation that The Donald gave our secrets to our enemy in what appears to be one of many future quid pro quo rewards for helping him get elected has wreaked havoc on the White House. Monday evening was filled with reports that Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders and perhaps others were involved in a massive screaming match that forced White House office staff to turn  up the volume on the televisions in an effort to drown out the shame.

Many of the Republicans in the tweets highlighted by the Daily Show raise some interesting points: when will we be prosecuting Donald Trump for doing all of the things they accused Clinton of doing?

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