Daily Kos Has Made Me Sad 

Daily Kos Has Made Me Sad

The way I found my way to site was the resolute antiwar stance of many of its writers. Then again it appears most of that was due to a Republican being in the Oval office. The whole site seems to have decided that if Bernie or Hillary farts that the most important question of the day is "does it smell". The front page seems more preoccupied in finding out if the Republicans have started barbecuing each other.

You know what is the most important issue of the day really is and is probably occupying President Obama more than any other?

No, not the Médecins Sans Frontières incident although that highlights clearly the deteriorating situation. Afghanistan's whole medical system is on the verge of collapse, this in turn shows an ineffective central government rapidly losing what little control it had. There will be a temptation to increase our military presence in a country where we have zero chance of winning.

We have our allies at each others throats, the Turks and the Kurds. We have another ally committing atrocities in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf State allies.

Russia has seen the chaos that our past idiot in the White House kick started [which all the warmongers are trying to deny] and has decided now is a good time to add to the carnage. Turkey a NATO ally is repeatedly calling in the Russian ambassador to complain about airspace violations. Iran is sitting there watching the chaos spread.

Both Saudi Arabia and Iran through their proxies Sunnia or Shia terrorist groups are ramping up the violence.

The situation in Israel remains the same, a powder-keg of mutual hatred. The lack of any real effort to resolve the I/P situation as ever, spreads the distrust of the "West" throughout the Middle East.

After ignoring our own torture, extraordinary rendition, preemptive war and Israels increasingly violent stance nobody trusts us one iota in the Middle East, yes they will use or military cover for their own itinerary, but actually trust us, never.

The election is over a year away, I know the primaries are sooner but from what I see is that the naval gazing has got to ridiculous levels.

The refugee crisis in the Middle East and in turn Europe is of historic proportions. The increasingly confused, violent and bloody situation in the Middle East, this fiasco is drawing into close proximity the worlds two major military powers into an actual shooting war demands more thought than a mere "meh" to my mind.

The real reason that the XL pipeline and fracking have taken a backseat in the political world is the flooding of the worlds markets by gulf oil, a deliberate act in itself. Even climate change here has all but disappeared from the subjects of imminent importance, there is a global meeting in Paris very soon.

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