Countdown to Crazytown 

Countdown to Crazytown

With Trump topping Republican polls, GOP pols are pulling no punches as they try to push their way to the top ten who win a prized position in the first debate.

Cruz calls Obama a state-sponsor of terrorism, Huckabee compares the Iran deal to the Holocaust, while Bush and Walker make hay over whether they’d ditch the deal on Day 1 or Day 2.

The candidates continue closed culture wars, doubling down against marriage equality, sending mixed messages on Confederate flags, and flailing in the futile fight against Obamacare.

And don’t get them started on the minimum wage.

They’re crusading to out-crazy King Donald, and with 7 days left until 10 take the stage, it’s truly Countdown to Crazytown.

Grab your popcorn and be ready to be amazed.

Until then, grab a beer, share a cheer, and talk politics while enjoying a pint at your local, progressive social club.

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