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Cory Booker Just Responded To The GOP’s Health Care Plan And It Is EVERYTHING We Needed (VIDEO)

The massive amount of downfalls to the GOP’s incompetent plan to repeal and replace Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is well known to many Americans, including Republicans. Trumpcare, also known as the American Health Care Act, is going to be voted on in the House of Representatives today, and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker tore into the bill to explain exactly why it needed to be stopped.

Trumpcare has already failed to get enough support, but Trump and the GOP refuse to give up, despite the fact that Obamacare is now more popular than ever. The Republican Party knows that their new health care plan will strip millions of Americans of life-saving health coverage, but they don’t give a damn. And that’s why the Democratic senator said:

Screw the politics. This is about people. This is about what’s morally right.”

Obviously, that is a concept that Trump and the GOP will probably never grasp. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Booker launched into an emotional takedown of the bill and begged members of Congress to rethink their support for the American Health Care Act. Booker said:

The craven bill that I see coming to a vote tomorrow is just cruel and just wrong. To tens of millions of Americans – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, people who deserve more from a nation this wealthy, this rich – they deserve better. So, screw the politics. This is about people, this is about what’s morally right. …  This is a president who has lied to people … who were promised better health care, more access, something better than the Affordable Care Act. Well, this is clearly not just worse, it’s a death knell. … This will cost American lives if it ever becomes law. This will mean death, pain, and suffering to people’s families. I’m not interested in the politics. This is something that my colleagues, people I respect across the aisle, they just can’t support. For God’s sake, for the sake of our country and what we stand for, they cannot pass this legislation.”

Booker blatantly points out what needed to be said all along – that this is about PEOPLE, not politics – and people’s lives are at stake. Under Trumpcare, millions will have to go without essential things like life-saving prescription drugs, hospitalization, maternal care, and mental health services – all things that Obamacare provided. Not to mention, this new bill will force those with pre-existing conditions to suffer.

If the GOP gets this legislative “win”, Americans across the country will lose. There’s a reason Booker said the new bill “will mean death” – and that’s because it’s true. You can watch Booker tear Trumpcare apart below:

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