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Conservatives: Giving Thanks But Nothing More

While Walmart gives thanks for record profits it doesn't give its workers a living wage, health benefits or basic workplace rights. The right-wing gives thanks for America's strength, but won't give our country needed revenue, or give an inch on the top 1% paying its fair share. While the GOP gives thanks that gerrymandering saved its slimmer majority in the House, it isn't giving Obama any latitude to govern or giving Americans the priorities they voted for.

We need leaders who give our economy a jolt, give our country needed resources & give working families a chance. The right-wing gives thanks -- but nothing more, and sometimes giving thanks isn't enough. So we are thankful that the fight continues from brave strikers on picket lines to new progressives in Washington to citizen-led efforts to create a better America.

We give those progressive causes our thanks, our support, our energy & our hope that we'll keep having more to be thankful for. Share your thanking & your thinking with fellow lefties and liberal drinking at your local progressive social club.


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Happy Thanksgiving!