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Conservatives Cheer As Traffic Fatality Temporarily Postpones Removal Of Lee Statue In Texas

The city of Dallas, Texas voted last Wednesday to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, considered now to be representative of white supremacy. The statue has stood for 81 years, just a few years more than how long had elapsed after the actual Civil War before it was erected. The fact that most monuments to the Confederacy were put up right in the middle of the Jim Crow era just served to underscore the idea that the intent of them was not just to honor “heroes” of the past, but to intimidate and silence people of color in America.

Officials had hoped to remove the statue immediately from Lee Park in the Oak Lawn neighborhood but initially had ordered a crane that was not sufficient to the task. At nearly 28,000 pounds, the removal would prove to require a piece of equipment much more powerful than what Dallas originally contracted.

That wasn’t the only obstacle to the lowering of the monument: Workers struggled with the removal, a Confederate group was granted a temporary restraining order, and a drunk driver even rammed through the barriers surrounding the statue.

But on Sunday, a crane was located in Houston and was on its way to the park in the evening to prepare for the removal. While in transit, a semi crashed into the crane at an intersection near downtown Dallas, killing the semi driver and badly damaging the equipment needed for the removal.

Naturally, news of the crash thrilled Republicans, whose racist desires obviously outweigh any concern they might have for the welfare of others. One might think that they would only celebrate the death of someone involved in the actual removal of the statue. But to them, apparently, any fatality will do so long as it prevents the General Lee likeness from being carted away tonight.

It’s too bad these garbage “humans” care so little for human life that they would glorify a death just because it gives them what they want for one more night.

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