Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Gets to the Heart of the Hobby Lobby Decision

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Gets to the Heart of the Hobby Lobby Decision

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was on MSNBC, and she went right to the heart of reasons for the Supreme Courts decision on the Hobby Lobby lawsuit:  it's all about the ACA.  You don't have to be a lawyer to see the cynical political reasons for this god awful decision by the Court.  Conservatives on the Court want to further undermine the ACA because it is Obama's signature achievement.  No ifs, nor ands, nor buts.  

The so called reasoning about corporations having religious beliefs or narrow rulings is all bullshit.  No sane person, outside of the Federalist Society or corporate shills, believes that corporations are people.  Even some of the crazies in the Tea Party are anti-Wall Street, at least when you discuss how big banks get preferential treatment and bailouts.  

And all the bullshit about "narrow rulings" is even more laughable.  Anyone think there won't be more lawsuits by employers declaring that some law or regulation that they don't like won't come before the Court?  I suppose you could be an ardent Calvinist who claims that he or she doesn't have to pay their employees a minimum wage because it defies God's will about the Elect.  If God had meant for workers to get ahead financially, God would have mandated it, not the government.

Yes, the Court can simply decide not to hear those cases, but it certainly won't be based on any form of reason or logic, which lawyers pride themselves on.  And given that the Court said that vaccinations are not covered under their ruling, anyone think that the anti-vaccine fanatics won't try to file suit?  Remember, the Court ruled in this decision that it is Hobby Lobby's owners "belief" that the contraceptives they objected to were involved in abortion.

Belief trumps facts.  How logical is that?  I guess because I am not a lawyer that I don't get this supreme form of reasoning.

So I expect that others will run before the Court using the majorities arguments that belief is superior to facts.  It will be interesting to watch this Court swat those law suits away.  But consistency is not something this Court is known for.

No, what we have here is a display of power politics.  The conservative majorities only true North is to promote the conservative movement.  The ACA with all of its conservative construction must be eliminated because Obama embraced it and pushed it through Congress.