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In Congress Today: Defeat Devices-Volkswagen-Oh Dear


In Congress Today: Defeat Devices-Volkswagen-Oh Dear

Well it looks like, who knew and when did they know it, has been quickly resolved, now they are deciding who to blame


In the spring of 2014 when the West Virginia University study was published, I was told
that there was a possible emissions non-compliance that could be remedied.  I was informed that EPA regulations included various penalties for non-compliance with the emissions standards and that the agencies can conduct engineering tests which could include “defeat device” testing or analysis.  I was also informed that the company engineers would work with the agencies to resolve the issue.  Later in 2014, I was informed that the technical teams had a specific plan for remedies to bring the vehicles into compliance and that they were engaged with the agencies about the process.      

On September 3, 2015, Volkswagen AG disclosed at a meeting with the California Air

Resources Board (“CARB”) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) that
emissions software in four cylinder diesel vehicles from model years 2009-2015 contained a “defeat device” in the form of hidden software that could recognize whether a vehicle was being operated in a test laboratory or on the road.  The software made those emit higher levels of nitrogen oxides when the vehicles were driven in actual road use than during laboratory testing.  

First, we are conducting investigations on a world-wide scale into how these matters
happened.  Responsible parties will be identified and held accountable.  Thorough investigations have already begun, but any information developed at this stage is preliminary.  We ask for your understanding as we complete this work.  

Guardian Article

Michael Horn, president and CEO of Volkswagen (VW) Group of America, will confirm he knew of the company’s emission rigging issues as early as spring 2014, according to a statement released ahead of a congressional inquiry on Thursday.

The company’s new chairman, Hans Dieter Poetsch, told a news conference in Wolfsburg: “Nobody is served by speculation or vague, preliminary progress reports.

“Therefore it will take some time until we have factual and reliable results and can provide you with comprehensive information.”

It will be interesting to see how Republicans [that really don't care about this stuff] deal with this congressional inquiry. Do they believe in oxides of nitrogen? Praise Volkswagen for its wonderful self regulation? Demand that the EPA takes the blame and is immediately shut down?