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Confessions of Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt: Volume 2, More Confessions

Pale blue shirt here. I'm back.

Hello, there. I'm Scott Walkers pale blue campaigning shirt. You've . I'm the shirt that's usually accompanied by a dark red tie that Scott Walker uses whenever he's out trying to convince the peons that he's just a regular guy. Just like them.

My long sleeves are rolled up exactly 3 times to ensure that the message that he's a hardworking guy doesn't get missed by his audience. Suit coats and jackets are forbidden because they don't convey the "I'm ready to work" image Walker is projecting. He can't have the peasants knowing or even thinking that he's a lifelong career politician.

We've been hard at work for months. I felt bad at being left at home when Walker went to all those foreign countries. He wanted the "important politician suit and tie look" for those visits. Or, perhaps they don't get fooled by the "just a regular guy look" that works so well here in the US.

I've been travelling through the country visiting the peons in early Republican primary states. I'm really bored with Iowa. Not much to see there, but plenty of people that need to be hustled into supporting and voting for Walker, so we're there a lot.

Washington DC Visit

Today, . I was actually worn with a suit and a different dark red tie while he rubbed elbows with fellow Republicans, lobbyists, evangelical leaders, and campaign donors at the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill. You can see my picture associated with the linked article (don't I look nice?).

Speaking briefly to a reporter, Walker said the discussion with House members was wide-ranging. He said he talked about what life might be like with a GOP president to go with a GOP Congress.

"Instead of them playing defense, we could do positive things going forward," said Walker.

The governor said meeting with Republican lawmakers from around the country was helpful to him because of the role so many states — not just the early states — will play in the allocation of delegates.

"A lot of states later on in the primary process have proportionate allocation (of delegates) so if we get in, it would be nice to have that kind of support," he said.

No, he hasn't officially announced he's climbing in the Clown Car with the other Republican wanna-bes, but nobody doubts he will just as soon as his big bag of campaign loot is filled up. After his official announcement, you see, campaign finance rules kick in. He doesn't like rules.

The event was not a fundraiser, but attendees were handed a summary of the perks associated with various levels of giving; the top category, for $1 million givers, comes with twice-a-year retreats, private briefings, weekly email updates, members-only conference calls, a dedicated staff contact person and two private dinners with VIP special guests.

Oh, yeah, Walker is well known to richly reward his campaign "investors". Just look at what he does for them with WEDC (see below).