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Comey Is About To Become The Most Dangerous Person To Trump In Washington (DETAILS)


Donald Trump sent shockwaves through Washington when he suddenly fired James Comey, the now-former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Comey was in the midst of a 10-year term, and he was also heading up an investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign’s possible ties to Russian interference into the election that made Trump president in the first place.

Once Comey was fired, he was offered the opportunity to testify before the Senate in a closed-door session. Comey declined that invitation, and sources close to him said that he wanted time to process what had been done to him. Now, however, new reporting suggests that Comey is ready to sing like a canary – but .

This is a great idea, seeing how Trump’s story regarding what brought about Comey’s firing keeps changing. Further, Trump has actually , saying that there might be “tapes” of conversations he had with Comey, a la the infamously crooked president Richard Nixon. Democrats in the House of Representatives have requested that those “tapes,” if they exist, be turned over to the Congress for evaluation.

Considering that Comey was personally involved in this wide-reaching and scandalous affair between Trump and the Russians, his testifying in public is likely the last thing Trump and his White House staff want.

Trump has made an enemy of the wrong person. Further, he has been in a hot war with the entire Intelligence Community since before his inauguration. Despite the fact that these are some of the most important people to any president, Trump has instead chosen to make enemies of them.

James Comey is about to become the most dangerous person in Washington to Donald Trump, and Trump really is about to find out what it means to be on the wrong side of a true American patriot.

Oh, please, House and Senate Intelligence Committees, let Comey testify in public. This may be the very thing that can end this Trumpian American nightmare once and for all.

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