Come on Florida.... 

Come on Florida....

I don't know about you, but do we really want to leave things up to this Barney Fife?

I just sent a message to Jax Dem to find out if we were still having a meetup for the Ga/Florida Kossacks.
Having meetups in Florida is pretty hard.  We have tons of talent down here and very
good activists but is it me or are we feeling pretty helpless down here?  

I have to admit I am feeling overwhelmed with all the unexpected things that happen to us down here. and it seems to be ongoing and for most of us  . We have so much that we should be fighting and yet it is an effort to stand.  We are herding cats it seems.  
We need to be trying to get Medicaid expansion .We should be trying to get the state maps redrawn and we should be out there but I think we are pretty beat down.   I am out of ideas on how to get some outpouring of activism and that includes me lately.  I am open to suggestions.  We are making national news all the time...Racism in my own backyard with gun nuts teaming up with Zimmerman and the Mother being slammed to the ground by Tampa police for a taped up tail light... Last week Internal affairs found the officer did nothing wrong... Including not turning over the tape for months on end...

  We have real racism rearing it's head here.  We have VA problems , still.   We have some real income inequality, poor healthcare and we have some real issues that need addressing.   I know we didn't give up... I think we are just regrouping but I feel we need some real live meetups.... I am open to ideas.   Any ideas???    What do we do and when do we do it?  If not us, who ?  If not now, when?  I know most of us are pretty beat down economically but shoot, gas is down now..... and I know we have had enough rain to sink us all...but still, we need to be meeting up.

There is a place called the Valerie ( an old movie house restored) but I have no information on it... I have no clue if they would let us use it...but there are other areas to meet up and getting back to Jax, she wanted a meetup in September or October. Does anyone want to host a meetup in any part of the state?   We really need to be exchanging ideas and holding on to one another... We really should..

Let's talk.

This made news last week when the Internal Affairs decided.... Nothing wrong.
We need to be talking about some of this.

I did not mean to bring two diaries into one but a picture of more activism needed right here in worth 10 ten cheerleaders for a meetup.