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CO-Sen: Former Senator Gary Hart (D) Says Michael Bennet (D) Will Vote For Iran Nuclear Deal

This is encouraging:

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 2:  Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart came to the Colorado Capitol in Denver  to speak about his support of the the multinational accord that aims to curb Iran's nuclear weapons program on Tuesday September 1, 2015.  Hart was joined by members of the Truman National Security Project. Hart stressed that to not signing the deal would lessen the leadership of the U.S. in the world's eyes.  (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post )

Former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart, at a rally in support for the Iran deal on Wednesday, said he has spoken with Sen. Michael Bennet about the deal and believes he will make the "right decision" soon.

Hart, speaking with the Truman National Security Project — a group of post-9/11 veterans — said he and former U.S. Sen. Tim Wirth sat down with their fellow Democrat a few weeks ago for a lengthy discussion about the Iran deal.


"We urged Sen. Bennet to make the right decision, and I think he will," Hart said. "My guess is it'll be sooner rather than later."


Congress is expected to vote later this month on a resolution in opposition to the deal. While skepticism remains high, much of the drama drained from the debate on Wednesday when U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., became the 34th senator to back the White House.


Her endorsement means President Barack Obama now has enough support in the Senate to prevent Congress from scuttling the agreement.


Still, the milestone doesn't mean Bennet's vote no longer matters.


The White House would like to block the opposition bill as soon as possible and if enough of the senators who are left on-the-fence decide to follow Mikulski's lead, then the measure would die before getting to Obama, who has vowed to veto it. - Denver Post, 9/2/15

Bennet is someone who still needs the extra pressure. Below is his contact info. Please do hit him up and urge him to support the Iran Nuclear Deal:

(202) 224-5852