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CNN’s Jim Acosta Gives PERFECT Response After Trump Tells Him He’s ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump refused to answer CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s questions following an event at the White House, calling the network “fake news.” The former reality show star typically lashes out at media sources which are critical of him. Acosta has been a target of Trump’s since he took the oath of office. Trump has called accurate polls ‘fake polls’ when he’s doing poorly among those responding to the surveys. The thin-skinned president, including his staff, launched a war on the media and predictably, that’s not going well for the White House.

It’s a reporter’s job to ask questions. In this case, Acosta asked:

“Mr. President, can you explain why you did not condemn those hate groups by name over the weekend?”

Acosta was referring to the Nazis who stormed through Charlottesville, Virginia while shouting Nazi-Germany era slogans in Trump’s name. The hate rally resulted in the murder of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, while 19 others were injured during the attack.

Acosta asked Trump about the press conference he promised to hold. Instead of an actual press conference, though, he touted the economy, then walked out without answering questions from reporters. Still,  Trump insisted that he held a press conference then pointed to Acosta and said, “You are fake news.”


“Haven’t you spread a lot of fake news yourself, sir?” Acosta shot back.

On Twitter, Acosta responded, saying, “The president said we just had a press conference. We did not. That’s fake news.”

Even before Trump finally called out the hate groups today, he insisted that he speak about the growing economy before his remarks on the Charlottesville, Va. hate rally.

“We are told by our White House team — and this is as telling as it gets — the president insisted on putting those economic remarks at the top of his statement before he got to the events in Charlottesville, before he got to his denunciation of the KKK and other hate groups,” host John King reported on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” according to .

We’re thinking that Trump finally addressed the domestic terrorist attack because his poll numbers are falling again – to r.

Previously, Trump has lashed out at BuzzFeed News, calling the site a ‘failing pile of garbage’ and has refused to take questions from CNN.

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