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CNN Caves To Trump’s Fascism, Cancels Muslim Host’s Show Over Tweets Critical Of Trump

CNN has long been on Donald Trump’s hit list. They are the network most often called “fake news” by the Trump Administration, and indeed by Trump himself on the campaign trail. Therefore, considering this treatment, it is most curious that they would twice in as many weeks take the side of Team Trump over their own hosts and commentators. First, they canceled longtime New Year’s Eve Host Kathy Griffin over a picture of a Trump mask covered in fake blood. Now, they are .

Now, we all know how Trump feels about Muslims. It is no accident that the first regular, long-running show by a Muslim host is canceled the first time he says something critical of Trump; after all, Trump called for a ban on all Muslims entering the nation and has tried implement that bigoted and unconstitutional policy. CNN, of course, is trying to cover their asses by insisting it was Aslan’s words that caused his CNN career to end. Aslan called Trump a “piece of shit” on Twitter, and that was the end of his show, despite previous commentators saying much worse about President Obama in the past. CNN says of the decision:

CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series ‘Believer with Reza Aslan.’ We wish Reza and his production team all the best. “

Aslan responded:

Obviously I am very disappointed in this decision. ‘Believer’ means a great deal to me and to the countless viewers it’s reached. Its message of religious tolerance and exploration is extremely important right now. I am deeply grateful to CNN for giving me the opportunity to launch the show and to amplify my voice on their network. I am especially grateful to the legion of people within the Turner organization who worked so hard to make the show a hit series. However, in these politically charged times, the tenor of our nation’s discourse has become complicated, and I recognize that CNN needs to protect its brand as an unbiased news outlet. Similarly, I need to honor my voice. I am not a journalist. I am a social commentator and scholar. And so I agree with CNN that it is best that we part ways. I look forward to partnering with another platform in the future to continue to spread my message. I wish CNN all the best.”

In short, CNN seems to be more interested in toeing the line with the Trump Administration than speaking truth to power and allowing the people who work for them to express their views without fear of losing their jobs. Who’s next? Jake Tapper? Wolf Blitzer? No wonder they’re going so soft these days.

No thanks, CNN. I’ll be watching MSNBC, where they don’t fire people for recognizing what a bigoted buffoon Trump is and saying so, or for calling this administration out for its incompetence, or for doing so in colorful ways.

You are now complicit in America’s march toward the authoritarianism that Team Trump wants, and I won’t reward you for that by giving you ratings. I hope others join me in the CNN boycott until they come to their senses and return to the side of the American people instead of being shills for the Trump Administration.

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