Chuck Todd Just Called Trump Out For Being Clueless, This Footage Will Destroy Him (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Chuck Todd Just Called Trump Out For Being Clueless, This Footage Will Destroy Him (VIDEO)

Every time that Donald Trump tries to make himself look like a legitimate president, it seriously backfires on him. There is no amount of lies or staged meetings that can possibly mask the insane amount of incompetence that he embodies, and this was proven by NBC’s Chuck Todd, who exposed Trump for being the imposter that he is.

Recently, Trump agreed to a clean DACA bill – without even knowing what the hell he was talking about (what else is new?). Trump has gotten a lot of attention from this DACA incident, but there are a few highlights that Americans need to pay attention to, and Todd stitched it together perfectly to put Trump’s idiocy on the table for America. Here’s the clip that Todd played on his show:

Todd explained:

McCarthy was basically trying to protect the president from a conservative mutiny. What later became clear is that the president didn’t have any idea of what he was agreeing to because he didn’t understand what a clean bill meant. He later told us what we thought a clean DACA bill meant.”

Trump had said that his definition of a clean bill was “To me, a clean bill is a bill of DACA, we take care of them and we also take care of security.”

But Todd explained it:

For what it’s worth that’s not clean. Clean is just DACA. It is a little Washington speak.”

One would think that the President of the United States, in his second year in office, would know the basic terms of the government he is running. This is basic terminology, and Trump is clueless. He has yet to take his job seriously, instead of opting to play golf, tweet, and binge on Fox News. How can he possibly make effective decisions when he doesn’t even know the definitions of half the words that are being thrown at him?

Kudos to Todd for brilliantly calling out Trump’s incompetence in such a way that it cannot be ignored.

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