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Chuck Todd Has A Message For Trump That Will Make Him Fly Off The Handle (VIDEO)

America was shocked when Donald Trump officially threw his support behind child molester Roy Moore — not only because many prominent Republicans had already condemned Moore for the numerous sexual assault allegations (involving minors), but because Moore’s disgraceful behavior with women would highlight Trump’s own sexual misconduct. Yet, the President of the United States decided that putting party over country was the most honorable thing to do, and promoted Moore heavily in order to put a Republican pedophile in the Senate seat.

Of course, this backfired tremendously, resulting in Trump having to admit defeat and lick his wounds. Moore suffered a rather humiliating loss to Democrat Doug Jones, and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd sent Trump a brutal message about who his candidates are.

Pouring salt in the wound, Todd gave Trump a lesson about costing the GOP seats due to how “extraordinarily flawed” Moore and the rest of the candidates were. Todd outlined that there had been “various missed opportunities” due to the Republican Party’s “flawed candidates,” and called out Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Todd Akin specifically. Then, Todd made a statement that will have Trump tweeting into the late hours of the night in a rage. Todd said:

That’s six Senate seats you could argue that they’ve handed to Democrats.”

That’s right. Former American Conservative Union chair Al Cardenas, who was also on the show, agreed and said:

Flawed candidates have been too much a part of our history in a primary.”

You can watch Todd deliver this brutal blow to Trump below:

We won’t be holding our breath, but maybe Trump will actually think about who he is putting his support behind in the future. In his endorsement of Moore, he has only further deepened his losing streak and kept America’s eyes on his own sexual assault allegations!

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