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‘Christian’ United Employee Unleashes Horrific Attack On ‘Deformed’ Autistic People (SCREENSHOTS)

United can’t seem to stop hiring horrible people. Recently, the airline has found itself in the headlines after because four of their employees “needed” to be on the flight (among other PR disasters).

Unfortunately, if you were hoping they had purged terrible people from their ranks, you should probably meet . According to Grufman’s Facebook profile, he works as a “ramp service agent” at United. He also thinks people with autism are less than human — of Satan, even.

In a disgusting Facebook message making its way around social media, Grufman explains that autism is a “health problem” that absolutely did not come from God because God doesn’t make “deformities” (“deforities as he spells it). He further explains that God doesn’t make “them to be weak or weak minded or have mental hearh isues or phyisical health issues.”

“Those are not of God,” he says. “God doesnt create something Impure.” Autism, he says, “is the enemy trying to destroy God’s work.” By “enemy,” of course, he means the Devil.

Where does he learn this sort of terrible thing? Apparently at  in Blaine, MN, based on the fact that he posted an ad for the religious organization featuring himself (we have taken the liberty of slapping a screenshot of his remarks on top of it for easy sharing).

Grufman, who was homeschooled and can’t spell to save his life, says that only God can make a person with autism “beautiful.”

“I have my reason for what I said like everyone else,” Grufman told Opposition Report. “Isnt it called freedom of speech? Am I bot entiled to my opion without being judged?”

If you have ever met someone with autism, you know that “deformed” or “weak-minded” are not descriptors that are in any way applicable or acceptable. We reached out to his church but the person who operates their social media refused to denounce Grufman’s hate:

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Our church may not always believe things that individual members such as Sam believe. Our church believes that all people, no matter what disability they have is created and made in the image of God. I’d encourage you to countine to ask questions as they come but sometimes we can’t immediately respond. Just know that this church does love and accept you as you are. Have a blessed day”

We also reached out to United, but have not yet heard back from them.

Do you feel that this is the sort of person who should be allowed to come into contact with people he openly disdains? Should United force its customers to deal with Mr. Grufman’s brand of Jesus-backed cruelty?

The answer is “no.”

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