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Chicago Tribune Writer Just Took Aim At Trump’s ‘Genius’ In The Most Brilliant Way Imaginable

Donald Trump thinks he’s a genius. No, wait, he thinks he’s a “very stable genius.” Why? Because he suffers from a severe form of the Dunning-Kruger effect, which says that the dumber someone is, the more likely they are to believe they’re very smart. And because he’s a narcissist. There’s little point in calling him out on the obvious nonsense that is his alleged “genius,” though, so a Chicago Tribune columnist  on a different front for it.

Rex Huppke, whose Tribune column is often facetious, sarcastic and full of humor, says the way we know Trump is a genius is because he says so. He goes on to say that Trump should just “unleash the genius” against Mueller and be done with it:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is a witch hunt and there was absolutely no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

We know those two things are accurate because Trump said them and geniuses don’t lie. (Lying isn’t a smart thing to do and geniuses are, by definition, very smart. Ipso facto, no genius has ever lied.)”

Of course, all geniuses proclaim their genius loudly and publicly, and Huppke is kind enough to give us a couple of notable examples of this. He tells us that the liberal media has done things like take Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity equation out of context by reducing it to a terse “e = mc²” and removing “oh my God, I’m a genius. And not just a regular genius, but, like, the biggest genius of all times,” from the end of it.

Huppke invokes Isaac Newton too, in the style of a typical, egotistical Trump tweet:

To any action there is always an opposite and equal reaction, and I should know because I’m a tremendous genius. I mean, did anyone else discover gravity before me? No. GENIUS!”

One of the jewels of this piece is when Huppke says that “there’s no way for us nongeniuses to argue with [Trump’s assertion that he’s a genius], so it must be true. Also, since former FBI Director Mueller has never publicly claimed to be a genius, he must not be one.”

We’re sure that on Trump’s sad little planet, that’s actually true.

Huppke’s final point pulls the last of the curtain back on his true opinion of Trump’s alleged smarts. The hashtag is making the rounds on Twitter right now because of Huppke’s column, where he calls on Trump supporters to demand he “unleash the genius” on Mueller, and put the Russia probe to rest once and for all.

You can read the whole column .

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