Chelsea Clinton Trashes Trump Administration For Its Secrecy And It’s Amazing (TWEET) | THE POLITICUS

Chelsea Clinton Trashes Trump Administration For Its Secrecy And It’s Amazing (TWEET)

At a time when Donald Trump’s scandals are at an all-time high and his administration is in free fall, the president’s team has gotten even more shady and secretive than ever before. In a telling sign that suggests that the Trump administration is in far more trouble than the American public is even aware of, the White House has basically shut itself in and refuses to communicate with the outside.

This media blackout has become the norm for the Trump administration, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is now conducting his usual press briefings far less frequently, and opting to go off camera. Recently, a press briefing in which no visual or audio was recorded caused public outrage from the media, over complaints that the press and America were being kept in the dark.

However, when the Trump administration was questioned about this, its response was beyond disappointing. While many White House officials refused to give an answer, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon made a joke to shut everyone up, stating that the reason Spicer wouldn’t appear on camera was because “Spicer was getting fat.” It was an insensitive, childish, and unprofessional remark – and a pathetic attempt to avoid giving the answers that America is entitled to.

The daughter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, didn’t hesitate to point this out and openly expressed her disgust with the disrespectful comment, noting that fat-shaming was being used as an excuse for a blatant lack of transparency in the Trump administration. Clinton tweeted:

When Breitbart White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering tried to brush it off as “a joke”, Chelsea pushed back again.

Chelsea is reminding America that we deserve answers, and the Trump administration’s attempts to distract from the issues must be ignored. Bannon’s answer clearly communicates that the Trump administration does not give a sh*t about transparency and will go to great lengths to hide the truth. What Trump and his minions are doing is disgraceful, and it needs to be called out.

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