Chaos Follows Right Wing Takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court 

Chaos Follows Right Wing Takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture of newly RW anointed Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack is worth about ten thousand (I'm not sure if it's under copyright so I can't post it here). And then there's the accompanying article describing the chaos that Roggensack has brought with her to her shiny new leadership position.

Checked the picture out? Good. It's a lot more real that the smiling faced version she has on her website and uses in campaigns. But it pretty much says it all about someone that Urban Milwaukee is calling Lady MacBeth.

For more of the backstory on the recent changes in our Wisconsin Supreme Court follow this link. If you've been following the RW takeover or already read that piece, you may now continue to read what's happened since she and her fellow RW justices voted by email to put her in charge.

On April 29, state election authorities certified the referendum vote. Later that day, the conservatives voted by email to make Roggensack the chief justice.

When the RW has the majority of the votes, they wanted to ensure they owned the Chief, as well - impossible under Wisconsin law which established the most senior Justice was to be the Chief when the state was founded over 150 years ago. I took a lot of money and a huge amount of propaganda to fool voters about that change.

There seems to be very little actual patience in Patience Roggensack who has wasted no time in establishing her lock on power. Roggensack didn't even wait, as suggested by fellow RW extremist Justice David (the choker) Prosser, until August 1 when the courts' new term began. Nope. No public ceremony, no meeting, no handover of the gavel. A vote by email was taken and the Iron Fist of Roggensack began to pound out orders.

And the media noticed.