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This Cannot Continue

 "[W]e will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime."
Donald-Fucking-Trump at the U.N.
I promise you, this shall be mercifully brief.
It was clear to any thinking person who has bothered to pay attention to the train-wreck that America has become, that when Donald J. Trump stood before the United Nations General Assembly last week and threatened to “destroy” North Korea, it was a blatant attempt to distract the American people from the scandal that is destroying his disgusting administration and has a very real chance of putting him in federal prison. Trump has a pattern of criminal activities that may be easily traced, many of which go all the way back to the swinging seventies. He's never before face any serious threat to his existence as a free man. What is happening at present is all-too-different. This time his billions (or whatever-the-fuck the real numbers are) will be of no use to him. Reality is closing in on the Donald. It's not quite over for the hideous bastard yet, but the train is nearing the station.

I do hope that you're all enjoying your stay in Idiot Nation.

Are you ready for the scoop? According to the demented little pestilence who rules North Korea, his country and this country are now at war. In an effort to avert our gaze from the worst political scandal in the history of this cluster-fucked republic, Donald Trump - this disgusting and deranged little jackal and common pervert - has brought the planet to the abyss of nuclear catastrophe for the first time in fifty-five years. If what has happened to this country has not put you in a blind rage, you really ought to seek professional help - or perhaps you might strap yourself into a time machine that conveniently sends you back Berlin, circa 1933. This is as weird as it has ever gotten. Five times as weird and ten times as potentially lethal.

This cannot be allowed to continue. It would have been bad enough if the unhinged piece-of-shit had been caught casually waxing idiotic on a hot microphone, threatening to "destroy" a nation of thirty million people. To say such an insane thing at a podium inside of the United Nations - with the entire world watching - is beyond nuts. It is a pretext to genocide.
In this morning's New York Daily News, the columnist, Richard Cohen (who I usually agree with) said that the people who are praying for the impeachment of this asshole should "be careful what they wish for"; that Trump's half-witted "base" might very-well unleash a civil frenzy unparalleled since the war between the states in the 1860's. It's more-than worth the risk. An American shit-storm as compared to international annihilation? That's a pretty easy call. Seriously.
I do hope - IN FACT, I PRAY - that cooler heads are in contact with someone - ANYONE - inside the North Korean hierarchy - assuring them not to panic; that the complete and utter idiocy of the American people in sending this imbecile to the White House is only a temporary and rare snafu in the process of democracy, and that everything will be back to "normal" in a matter of time. I hope that some rouge soul inside of  North Korea is reassuring responsible officers within this government of the same thing.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Idiot Nation