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CA-Sen: Kamala Harris (D) Lends A Hand In Stopping The Fast Track Of The TPP

Received this e-mail today from Secretary of State Kamala Harris' (D. CA) U.S. Senate campaign:
We don't know exactly what the trade deal before Congress, the Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP"), contains. And neither do the members of Congress charged with "fast-tracking" the legislation to become law.

But what little we do know of the trade agreement gives California great cause for concern. The TPP could lower wages and sacrifice environmental protections, counter to our core Californian values.

I've joined Senator Harry Reid, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, and fellow candidate for U.S. Senate Catherine Cortez Masto, to voice our opposition to the TPP. Will you sign our petition to say NO to the TPP?

Add your name now to stand with me and say NO to the TPP. Economic opportunity must go hand in hand with protecting our workers and our environment.

As California Attorney General, I have always supported doing what's in the best interest of our state, including ensuring economic opportunity while safeguarding our precious environment and the rights of workers. California has been a global leader in creating protections that combat climate change and protect our environment, and as Attorney General, I've fought both inside and outside of court to protect and expand California's status as a global leader on environmental protection.

Environmental watchdogs have warned that the TPP could impact our world-class environmental protections and endanger the important work we've done here in California.

The TPP presents a false choice. We can have economic growth without sacrificing our California values. I support finding new trade opportunities for our nation, but Californians deserve better than a zero-sum game.

That's why I'm standing against the TPP, and I hope you'll stand with me.

Join Senator Harry Reid, Congressman Maloney, Attorney General Cortez Masto, and me. Sign our petition to say NO to the TPP today.

We shouldn't sacrifice protections for the vague promises of a secret trade deal.

Thanks for being on my team,

Kamala D. Harris

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