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British News Anchor Drops Brutal Truth Bomb About How Trump Has Ruined America (VIDEO)

At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, no one needs to remind Americans that our country has been very deeply disgraced and what was once a well-respected country is now the laughing-stock of the entire world. However, hearing it from an outsider can be particularly painful, as Morning Joe hosts Mika and Joe discovered this morning.

BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay made an appearance on Morning Joe to share her opinions on Trump’s disgusting defense of racism and neo-Nazis after the horrific violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. On the show, Kay dropped a very depressing truth bomb about how the rest of the world sees the United States now that Trump has been in the White House for a few months. Her powerful statement, posted below in full, is worth reading in its entirety:

“I’ve been living here 20 years and every year I try and spend time with my family back in Europe and this is the first time, Mika, I’ve come back and felt America was almost being dismissed by other countries and this was before Charlottesville actually happened. There’s a sense that other countries just have to deal without America. America is losing it’s global leadership. The White House is losing moral authority around the world and Charlottesville doesn’t help that at all, and it’s almost an irrelevancy. This is the country with the biggest economy and biggest military in the world so they know they have to deal somehow with the United States, but countries in Europe are feeling more confident. They’re rejecting the kind of right wing extremism that we saw in Charlottesville, in elections in the Netherlands and in elections in France, they don’t want that in Europe. They’re feeling economically more confident as well and they’re doing their own deals. They’re looking to other countries to do deals on climate change and global trade issues and if anything the Trump White House and the saga and the drama around it looks more like a freak show than anything else. And that’s kind of how America is seen at the moment. It’s incredibly depressing to come back to this country that is so dispirited and is so dismissed around the world.”

This is a striking reminder to all Americans that our flawed system allowed the wrong person to get into the White House. Against all odds and even after losing the popular vote by millions, a complete imbecile was able to win the election and is now ruining the country. Kay has pointed out exactly why we should be taking Trump’s removal from office very seriously – America will have no standing in the world if he is allowed to continue.

You can watch the segment below:

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