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BREAKING: Roy Moore Has A New Accuser And Her Lawyer Has Backed Him, GOP Into A Corner

A new accuser has come forward in the Roy Moore case, and her accusation is damning as hell. Speaking to reporters with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, earlier today, Beverly Young-Nelson gave a harrowing outside the restaurant where she worked when she was 16.

Because of Young-Nelson and the other victims, Allred is calling for the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold an open hearing on this within the next two weeks. Young-Nelson is perfectly willing to testify under oath about her experiences in such a setting. This call puts Moore and his GOP supporters in a difficult position because refusing to go through with a hearing like this just looks like they have something to hide.

Young-Nelson stated on television that Moore began hitting on her at the restaurant for which she worked when she was just 15. He would compliment her looks repeatedly, and while at first she was flattered, she says she did nothing to encourage his flirting and wasn’t interested in getting involved with a man twice her age. Even so, the situation took a turn for the worse, and she tearfully recalled the night he assaulted her in the parking lot of her restaurant to the media.

According to Young-Nelson, her boyfriend was late in picking her up from work, and Moore offered to take her home. She accepted, but instead of driving her home, he drove her around to the back of the restaurant and started groping her breasts, then forced her head into his lap, squeezing her neck to the point of bruising her. She said:

I trusted Mr. Moore because he was district attorney. I thought he was doing something nice to offer to drive me home.”

She struggled with him and eventually escaped. She can’t remember if she fell out of the car or was pushed out, but she ended up on the ground as he burned rubber driving away with the passenger door of his car still open. Before taking off, Moore told her:

You’re just a child and I am the district attorney. If you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.”

Young-Nelson is Trump supporter, , the woman who came forward to accuse Moore of molesting her when she was just 14. Young-Nelson got the courage to come forward against Moore after she read accounts from his other victims. She was very clear that this is not about Democrats versus Republicans, and she’s right – it’s not. It’s about right and wrong and what we’re teaching our children by potentially allowing yet another predator into federal office.

Of course, Moore is adding this to the “witch hunt” defense he stole from Trump, trying to smear her lawyer as the woman responsible for the murders of millions of babies thanks to Roe v. Wade. So if these allegations aren’t true, then Republicans should have no problem holding a hearing and Moore should have no problem testifying regardless of what they think of Allred.

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