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BREAKING: President Hypocrite Thinks He’s Untouchable And These Two Tweets Prove It

If you had any doubts before as to whether Donald Trump thought he could do and say anything he wants with impunity, his disgusting tweets from Thursday night will scrub that doubt from your mind.

Following a day in which Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, faced explosive allegations from conservative commentator Leeann Tweeden about his behavior toward her in 2006, many wondered whether and when Trump would weigh in on the scandal.

Tweeden accused Franken of kissing and groping her without her consent during a USO tour in the Middle East, and detailing it early Thursday morning on the website of her radio show on KABC 790 out of Culver City, California, about 8.5 hours after Trump adviser via Twitter that Franken would be taken down by a sex scandal shortly. Some discussion was had about the fact that Tweeden is a regular on Sean Hannity’s show and co-hosts a podcast with Dana Commandatore, although none doubted that evidence existed that Franken had behaved inappropriately.

Democrats were as quick to condemn Senator Franken’s behavior as he himself was; Franken first issued a brief statement, then a longer one with an apology, then spoke again and called for an Ethics Committee investigation into the matter.

Trump, of course, is no stranger to himself. Aside from him admitting that he sexually assaults women, or used to, in a recording on Access Hollywood, at least twenty women have come forward to accuse Trump directly of assault, harassment, or otherwise inappropriate behavior. That, of course, is where the doubt that he may have lodged an opinion on Al Franken’s behavior comes from: Would a man who stands accused of assault, and who has admitted it in the past, have the audacity to condemn another man who was clearly blindsided by the allegation?

The answer is yes, of course. The man who calls his own daughter a “” would, of course, be disgusting enough to do that.

If those tweets are deleted by the time you read this article, you can see the and the .

The first one references the picture that accompanied Tweeden’s article. It shows a sleeping Tweeden in a helmet and flak jacket while Franken mugs for the camera and pretends to grab her breasts. The picture is disgusting and the fact that Trump refers to it in this way is even more disgusting — he’s remarking on the fact that Franken isn’t actually touching Tweeden in the photo, then clearly the president is fantasizing about further photos being taken in which Franken “must have” done so.

The hypocrisy required for an accused sexual predator like Trump to remain silent as a member of his own party is running for the Senate as an accused child molester — Roy Moore of Alabama — but elect to speak up about a member of the opposing party, even imputing behavior to him that there is no proof of, is astounding.

Make no mistake: I don’t approve of Al Franken’s behavior. The picture, again, is gross and depicts a situation nobody should ever have to find themselves in, even if it shows something that doesn’t quite match what Tweeden says. No matter what, it is inappropriate.

But for Trump to say “a picture speaks a thousand words” when he stands accused of far worse than anything leveled against Senator Franken is a disgrace to the country. We could print the literally thousands of horrified, outraged responses to Trump’s disgusting tweets here, but just this one will suffice:

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