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BREAKING: Michael Flynn Just Dropped A HUGE Bombshell On The White House

Trump’s embattled national security adviser, Michael Flynn, amidst allegations that he not only spoke to Russia about easing sanctions, but then lied to Mike Pence and others about it. It’s raised questions about whether we have Russian spies within the White House.

the Trump administration about Flynn’s contact with Russia, and all Trump would say is that the situation bothered him. He did not say whether he would ask for Flynn’s resignation. Flynn admitted last week that he “may have” talked about easing sanctions with Russia, which directly contradicted what the White House was saying.

In fact, Mike Pence insisted that he was sure they hadn’t discussed the sanctions. So did Chris Christie, although Christie later acknowledged that Flynn maybe was now saying he didn’t remember.

It’s illegal for private citizens to conduct business on behalf of the U.S. government, and at the time these conversations took place, Flynn was a private citizen. All he’s done besides bring scandal down upon himself is make people suspicious of Trump’s ties to Russia and his ongoing, overflowing, shiny praise of Putin during and after his campaign.

without one of his closest advisers – Flynn had been working with Trump on national security since early 2016.

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