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Breaking. Michael Flynn back in the spotlight?

     This just keeps getting better and better. It just broke in the last hour or so that Michael Flynn, the former NSA for the Orange Julius has registered with the Justice Department as a “foreign agent” for lobbying work he did just last year.

According to a on Vox, Flynn’s lawyer filed the paperqork with the DOJ very quietly on Tuesday. The paperwork is one thing, but the devil in the details is about 8’ tall. To quote from the article;

As , Flynn’s lawyer filed paperwork with the Justice Department Tuesday disclosing that the retired Army general had done lobbying work between August and November 2016 that “could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.” According to the filing, Flynn’s company, Flynn Intel Group Inc., was paid at least $530,000 for the work.

Flynn’s contract ended on November 15, just three days before Trump national security adviser.

          This takes stupid time to a brand new level. If you ever had any questions about the complete disregard for any kind of vetting for a job in the Trump White House, you now have your answer. Mike Flynn was lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government until 7 days after the November 8th election. His contract expired only 3 days before Trump appointed him to be the NSA, but this information was never discovered through vetting? Flynn never bothered to make the transition team or Trump aware of this? And even if he did, it raised NO red flags on appointing him? I’m glad that Mein Furor never backs down, because there is no way you can possibly explain this in a rational manner.

     Apparently, the heat of the spotlight he was under last month wasn’t enough of a sunburn for him, because he just put himself right back under the lights again. If there was ever any question as to whether or not Flynn would be called in an investigation, it’s gone now. But there’s sure as hell gonna be a lot more to talk about. And this is just one more stone on the pile, adding more weight to the argument for an independent investigation. The question that’s eating at me is why did Flynn do this now, unless the continuing investigation about his is starting to turn over some rocks and he’s worried about looking any worse.