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BOMBSHELL: We Now Have Proof Trump’s Campaign Was Communicating With Russia

Things are not looking good for Trump, as allegations of his knowledge of communication between now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian officials have come to light.

Since Flynn’s sudden resignation late Monday, Trump has, of course, vehemently denied his involvement or knowledge of such acts and has even gone as far as to try to distract the public from what is nothing short of treason, by tweeting out that the REAL news is what is being leaked from the White House.

Obviously, he will go to great lengths to try to mask what’s really going on here, but he may not be able to escape from this latest bombshell, as news broke Tuesday that there is now proof that Donald Trump’s campaign, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort in particular, were in contact with Russia in 2016, leading up to the election.

Citing information received from law enforcement and U.S. Intelligence, the  is reporting that Flynn and Manafort were in constant communication with Russia, despite their insistence to the contrary. President-elect Trump was briefed on details of the extensive communications between suspected Russian operatives and people associated with his campaign, but as we all know — he brushed that off as nonsense.

All of this new information could be very damning for Trump and his administration with then-former campaign chairman Paul Manafort at the top of that list. Manafort adamantly denies these allegations and in a phone interview on Tuesday said:

This is absurd. I have no idea what this is referring to. I have never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence officers, and I have never been involved with anything to do with the Russian government or the Putin administration or any other issues under investigation today.”

Manafort added, “It’s not like these people wear badges that say, ‘I’m a Russian intelligence officer.'”

According to the Times, the communications intercepted by officials were not limited to Trump’s campaign but also included possible business associates of Trump. The information gathered from the Russian end of this appears to show intercepted communications from Russian government officials as well as Russian operatives.

Officials would not give many details to the Times about what was said in the intercepted calls, but they do know that these calls are different from the and Russia’s ambassador where the two discussed the sanctions placed on Russia by President Obama in December of last year.

The investigation is ongoing, as the FBI and U.S. Intelligence try to determine what the motivation was for this communication, but it’s all likely related to the allegations that Trump was coordinating with Russian operatives in order to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One official briefed on the investigation told , “If that were the case it would escalate things.”

It’s obvious to most of us that this is likely the case. We just need law enforcement and U.S. intelligence to release the information so we can be rid of this giant orange monster and his administration once and for all.

We will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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