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BOMBSHELL: New Report Shows Putin Personally Ordered Hacking Specifically To Help Trump

In August of 2016, America was on the precipice of an election with far-reaching consequences. Everyone in government at the time knew the stakes. So when the CIA delivered a top secret message to President Obama about Russian interference in the upcoming election, the waters got very murky, very fast.

That’s the conclusion of from the Washington Post on Friday, but the conclusion doesn’t even begin to cover the details inside. The CIA brief was so sensitive, the article says, that protocol surrounding its discussion was equal to that of planning sessions leading up to the raid that killed Bin Laden. Because of Donald Trump’s insistence that the election was rigged, the logic goes, it was untenable to release any information that might look like government interference seen to benefit Hillary Clinton. But America’s was not the government meddling in the election. From the report:

On Thursday, Donald Trump rhetorically tweeted:

The answer, of course, is because they could not be seen as trying to influence the outcome in any way. If the Obama administration had the freedom to simply dismiss worries about meddling, as Trump himself has, the outcome may have been very different. , former Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson was asked by ranking House Intelligence Democrat Adam Schiff why it took so long for the White House under Obama to issue a public statement about foreign influence. Johnson responded:

One of the candidates, as you’ll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way. And so we were concerned that by making the statement, we might in and of itself be challenging the integrity of the election process itself.”

But even the public statement Obama did issue was overshadowed by news that was more scandalous to the American public that day: The from Access Hollywood. Said Johnson:

I think the larger issue is it did not get the public attention that it should have, frankly, because the same day the press was focused on the release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ video. That’s what made our news below the fold news that day.”

What’s more, we still don’t know the extent to which Vladimir Putin went to conceal Russian espionage. The Post notes in their report that some details of the CIA intel are still being withheld at the request of the president’s administration. Only it’s not Obama’s administration anymore.

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