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Boehner Rips Trump’s Incompetent Oval Office Buffoonery In Most Direct GOP Rebuke Yet

Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is very happy to be away from Capitol Hill politics. Since he retired from Congress, Boehner has been free with his words – and that includes criticizing members of his own party, often sharply. He “the most miserable son of a bitch I’ve ever worked with,” and “Lucifer in the flesh.” Now, Boehner is turning his ire on Donald Trump, the party standard bearer that no one in the elected GOP establishment ever wanted to become their nominee, much less the nation’s president, but nonetheless, that’s where we are.

While speaking at KPMG’s Global Energy Conference, Boehner :

I was a little more optimistic about it early in the year; now my odds are 60/40. The border adjustment tax is deader than a doornail. Tax reform is just a bunch of happy talk.”

That seems to be an indictment of the Republicans in the House of Representatives as well as Trump – people Boehner himself once led. He then turned and aimed a direct attack at Trump’s incompetency as the newest occupant of the Oval Office:

Everything else he’s done has been a complete disaster. He’s still learning how to be president.”

Boehner did offer Trump a bit of an olive branch on healthcare, saying that he “did what he could.” He has also , and called the so-called “president” to protest the veto of a budget that would help avoid a government shutdown. That was it, though. Now, if even John Boehner – a staunch, die-hard Republican for life who said he’d vote for Trump but not Cruz during last year’s primaries – thinks Trump is incompetent, then surely elected Republicans on Capitol Hill must think so as well. In turn, that means that Democrats have been right all along in saying that in nominating and propping Trump up, the GOP sold their souls and hitched their wagon to a dangerous devil – and that of the nation along with it.

This is why we must vote all Republicans out of office, folks. As for Boehner – keep talking, Mr. Speaker. Force the people of your party to answer for the disaster that is Donald Trump for the next four years. Do it for the good of a healthy, two-party system, and most of all, for the good of the nation.

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