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Black Woman Just Kicked The ‘Superior Race’ Out Of White Supremacist Richard Spencer (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, white supremacist Richard Spencer, who is most famous for getting punched in the face, showed up for a scheduled speech at Auburn University’s Foy Hall.

Spencer spoke of the virtues of whiteness and informed his audience that diversity is “a way of bringing to an end a nation and a culture.”

“There would be no history without us,” he said of white people as the crowd shouted angrily. “The alt-right is really about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.” Though the room was packed when he began speaking, the crowd filtered out as his horrific hate speech continued.

It was clear that someone needed to put Spencer in his place (at the bottom of the gene pool), and one hero stepped forward to do it. A video posted by Twitter user Morgan Buckles shows a young African-American woman whom Spencer had apparently interrupted — and she was not havin’ it.

“I’m asking a question, so we’re going to listen,” she admonished the famous white nationalist douchebag who was inexplicably allowed to speak at her school as the crowd cheered her on.

One of Spencer’s supporters then interrupted the woman, telling her “How about you put some pants on and we might take you seriously,” because interrupting a woman with comments about her appearance is always a good idea when she’s about to speak. She was wearing exercise clothing because she had been to the gym, she snapped at the idiot behind her. “How about you kiss my ass?” she said.

After the crowd once again went crazy, it was back to Spencer. “How are white people more oppressed than black people?” she asked Spencer, who regularly makes that claim. Spencer’s supporters again attempted to interrupt her. The woman turned around and explained that they are irrelevant and she is not speaking to them: she’s speaking to the irrelevant racist in the front of the room.

“And then another question,” she added. “How did it feel when you got punched in the face at the inauguration?”

Then she put the microphone back on its stand and walked off like a badass.

Watch it below:

Just for fun, here’s the video of him getting punched:

Featured image via video screen capture