Bill O’Reilly Mysteriously Announces Sudden ‘Vacation’ As His Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks Fox (DETAILS) | THE POLITICUS

Bill O’Reilly Mysteriously Announces Sudden ‘Vacation’ As His Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks Fox (DETAILS)

It seems that the heat of an explosive sexual harassment scandal that just won’t go away is getting to be a bit too much for embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. On Tuesday night’s edition of his show The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly announced that he , saying, “We all need R&R. Put it to good use.” Of course, O’Reilly made a point to say that the “vacation” has been planned since “last fall.”

While the host says that he will resume his spot on the air on April 24, that is actually quite questionable. Sources close to the situation . All the signs have been there, too – most recently when by 15 minutes without explanation.

More than 60 advertisers have abandoned O’Reilly since the New York Times reported that he and Fox News had paid more than $13 million to five women who alleged that O’Reilly sexually harassed them. The terms of the settlements required that the women not speak publicly about what happened to them. However, there is one woman who is speaking, because she never sued O’Reilly: Wendy Walsh.

Walsh is getting plenty of public support, especially since O’Reilly threatened to sue her if she didn’t shut up. She even caught the attention of MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, , because he believes Wendy Walsh’s story.

Of course, all they care about is money over at Fox, regardless of how despicable the money spinner is, so Fox News co-president Bill Shine hopes that this will all be swept under the rug like it always is, that it will blow over, and O’Reilly will be able to sit on his throne to poison the airwaves another day.

Keep the public pressure on, folks. We could make history and topple one of the loudest, most influential, and most obnoxious voice on Fox forever.

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