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Bigot Trump Just Screwed Himself And U.S. Tourism With His Muslim Ban

Before being elected by the electoral college, President Trump was the CEO of , most notably, businesses that count tourists as a fairly large slice of their income. But recently, the bigoted idiot decided it would be a good idea to , screwing himself and U.S. tourism in the process.

Many Americans believe the ban only pertained to Muslims but this is not the case. As attorneys like to say, “the devil is in the details”.

According to Trump’s order, in Section 4 the government must develop a “uniform screening standard and procedure” for all individuals seeking to enter the United States.”

Sec. 4. Implementing Uniform Screening Standards for All Immigration Programs(a) The Secretary of State, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall implement a program, as part of the adjudication process for immigration benefits, to identify individuals seeking to enter the United States on a fraudulent basis with the intent to cause harm, or who are at risk of causing harm subsequent to their admission. This program will include the development of a uniform screening standard and procedure, such as in-person interviews; a database of identity documents proffered by applicants to ensure that duplicate documents are not used by multiple applicants; amended application forms that include questions aimed at identifying fraudulent answers and malicious intent; a mechanism to ensure that the applicant is who the applicant claims to be; a process to evaluate the applicant’s likelihood of becoming a positively contributing member of society and the applicant’s ability to make contributions to the national interest; and a mechanism to assess whether or not the applicant has the intent to commit criminal or terrorist acts after entering the United States.

As written, using open interpretation, it appears to require all visitors to go through the same vetting measures, regardless of where they come from or how long they intend to stay. That means, if you have a green card,  you would still have to go through the same vetting procedures as a refugee.

It couldn’t be that vague, could it? In an article by , an immigration attorney and former head of the American Immigration Lawyers Association is quoted as saying:

Good Lord, I’ve been doing this for 31 years and I’m trying to figure out what this means.”

The law is open to interpretation and too broadly written.

Well, for once he is not leaving anyone else out. It’s good to see him trying at least, even if t was unintentional.

Let’s get down to the facts:

U.S. taxpayers will approximately pay $15 billion in lost wages, entitlements and increased government spending to deal with the Order.

When you divide $15 billion by 243 million adults that pay some form of federal taxes. That is $652.17 per taxpayer if it is paid back in one year. Republicans break costs to taxpayers to show affordability usually using time increments like ten years. That means for ten years, taxpayers pay $65.21 yearly.

While this amount is somewhat manageable, most U.S. citizens want no part of Trump’s bigoted bill.

If the government wants to spend that much money, I know a few homeless veterans that could have used their votes. Bills such as The Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits & Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, The Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans with Children Act of 2010, and the Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012.

I doubt we need to remind you that Republicans voted against these bills. Why? The spending amount. Hypocrites much?

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