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Bernie Sanders Just Responded To Trump’s Latest Lie With An EPIC Smackdown

Donald Trump is obsessed with the size of his crowds, or should I say, the lack thereof. In another lie to feed his ego, Trump declared on Twitter that if he threw a rally just for his supporters more people would show up than they have to any of the protests against him.

“Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!” Trump tweeted in the early morning hours on Saturday.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with a tweet of his own and it was perfect. Sanders posted a picture of Trump’s inauguration next to former President Obama’s 2009 swearing in and said only, “They did. It wasn’t.” Checkmate!

Bernie’s tweet is sure to get under Trump’s thin skin and send him over the edge. Trump has been on a rampage about the size of his inauguration crowd since the day after the ceremony. Over and over he insisted that his crowd was bigger than Obama’s despite photographic proof that this was a bunch of bullsh*t.

“We had a massive field of people, you saw that. Packed,” Trump said while speaking at CIA headquarters in January.

“I get up this morning and I turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. I said wait a minute, I made a speech, I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, a million and a half people. They showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there,” he added.

The day after he was sworn into office, Trump sent White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer out to give his very first press conference and told him to lie about how many people showed up. Spicer made the bogus claim that Trump’s inauguration was “the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. Both in person and around the globe.” (It wasn’t.) Spicer also claimed later that the press and those damned evil liberals had “intentionally framed” the photos “to minimize the enormous support” and make it look like the crowd was smaller than it really was. (They didn’t.)

And just for the record, this is exactly why we love Bernie!

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images