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Bernie and Zephyr Come To Town

This past Friday I finally got to see - up close and in person - two politicians I really do love. Bernie Sanders came to New Paltz, New York.
For my intents and purposes, New Paltz is the perfect place. Located just thirty-one miles due north of where I live, it's a thriving little college town packed to the rafters with head shops, vegan restaurants, book shops and art stores. You can even buy vinyl records in New Paltz; In other words, it's a place after my own hippie heart. I received the word from my friend, Jessica Koock that Bernie was going to be coming to town to put in an appearance with a congressional candidate from New York's 19th district, an inspiring young woman named, Zephyr Teachout.
Bernie referred to Zephyr's campaign as one of the most important in America. He wasn't exaggerating. She told the assembled: "When I go to Washington as your representative, you're all coming along with me!" I'm tempted to take he up on that offer. I'm just crazy 'bout that gal.
Think about this: The average contribution to Ms. Teachout's campaign is nineteen dollars - eight dollars less than Bernie Sanders' average. Her opponent in this contest is a lobbyist named John Faso. A significant majority of his fundraising from two hedge-fund billionaires. Guess whose side he'll be on if elected on November 8? While Zephyr and Bernie were kicking out the jams on one side of New Paltz, Faso was appearing on the other side of town at a much smaller gathering at the local firehouse. He told a reporter from the Times Herald-Record that Zephyr Teachout a "far-left radical" and a "redistributionist".
By the standards of the times in which we live, I guess she could be properly judged as being to the extreme left, much in the same way that Richard Nixon, were he to arise from the dead tonight (What a revolting thought!) would never be able to get the GOP nomination. As conservative as The Trickster was, his policies wouldn't have been extreme enough for the modern-day Republican Party agenda. If she had been alive eighty years ago, there would have been two women in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt: Frances Perkins and Zephyr Teachout. She is  just what the times require.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: FDR was a radical left-winger. His administration was literally oozing with radical left-wingers. Historians generally regard him as being one of the greatest president in the history of tis republic. That's not a coincidence.
The 19th congressional district just happens to be where I live. I fact, twelve years ago I was the Green Party's candidate for state senate. As you might imagine, I got stomped pretty badly on Election Day 2014. It's a different world in 2016. Zephyr can win this thing. You cannot dismiss this brilliant, visionary woman as being on the fringes of our national political conversation (as John Saso is vainly attempting to do). All over the land (with the typical exception of the deep South - of course) people are beginning to wake up to the GOP's scam. That's not a political party. That's an organized criminal enterprise. Just when I am tempted to completely lose faith in the Democrats, along comes Zephyr Teachout. Go figure.
"Zephyr understands that something is profoundly wrong when a handful of wealthy and powerful corporations write trade agreements which work for CEOs of multinational corporations but cost Americans millions of decent-paying jobs."
Bernie Sanders
New Paltz, NY,
16 September 2016
I will be doing everything humanly possible to make sure that Ms. Teachout Goes To Washington this January. I won't defy the law of God, but I'll defy the law of gravity if need be. We need this woman in Congress. I don't casually make political endorsements. Zephyr Teachout is as good as it's ever going to get for New York's 19th District. A tip of the hat to Senator Bernie Sanders for reminding us.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
Maeve Mary Cullen
I would have written this piece days ago, but I was laid low by the unexpected passing of my beloved, twenty-three-year-old  goddaughter, Maeve Cullen. She was the daughter of my cousin Michael and his wife, Norma Brady Cullen. She was such a bright, kind and witty gal. I can barely get the words out.
Mike, Norma, Matthew and Kieron: I'm sorry I was unable to make it to her funeral today. Moving about is becoming more difficult for me with each passing year. Please know that I can't get any of you out of my mind. I adore you all.
It just keeps getting darker.


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