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Bells, Whistles and Bright, Shiny Objects

As predicted, the Trump administration has concocted an "event", their very own Reichstag Fire, in order to distract the inmates of Idiot Nation from the rolling scandal that defined the first hundred days of its existence. During the long campaign of 2016, the Donald repeatedly warned the voters what a "catastrophe" it would be to involve America in the conflict that is presently playing out in Syria. He specifically warned President Obama against making any move that would complicate international affairs. His position was in perfect compliance with the isolationist policies adhered to by he and his closest advisors - Steve Bannon in particular. On Thursday they were forced to make an ideological U turn. When in doubt, wag the doggy. It seems to have worked out quite well for them. This morning no one is talking about treason. Nonetheless, Trump's buddy, Putin, is not amused. Nice.
In this latest move they were merely ripping a page out of the old Reagan playbook. In November of 1985, the day after a military barracks in Beirut was bombed and over two-hundred sleeping  marines were killed, the Reagan Mob was desperate to turn the media's attention away from the tragedy. Their scheme involved invading the Caribbean island of Grenada. Their excuse was that they had detected a cabal of sinister commies, scheming to take over the tiny nation. It was all bullshit but that didn't matter. In the process nineteen people were killed - including one American serviceman - all for no other reason than to score a few, cheap political points. In order to ensure that the scam worked out to perfection, the media was banned from covering the invasion. Yeah, I've seen this movie before. Be forewarned: It doesn't have a happy ending.

Why is this administration showing such righteous, moral indignation at the atrocities being committed against the people of Syria while they show such utter indifference to the plight of refugees fleeing this atrocity? I'll wait for their answer. Don't hold your breath.
This is not meant to downplay the tragedy of one-hundred men, women and little children being murdered by poison gas this week. The vile brutality of the Assad regime is without question, and is an insult to decency; I just refuse to buy the theory that - overnight - Trump has become much of a humanitarian. What happened in Syria a few days ago has been happening intermittently for the last seven years. This is not the first time Assad had used these banned weapons on his own people. Since the beginning of that civil conflict over half a million people have been killed. It's never mattered at all to Donald Trump before. Why does it matter to him all of the sudden? My guess is that, had it only been reported in the New York Times or the Washington Post, it never would have registered to his little mind. This time, it was reported on Fox Noise - complete with images. No, I'm not buying this at all, not for a minute.
It seems interesting to me that Trump spent an entire year forewarning the nation that Obama was all set to embark on entering the conflict in Syria, and that today he is blaming what is happening there on Obama's "inaction". Predictably, so few Americans were paying close enough attention to notice this little discrepancy. We really do live in unusual times.
It might do Bashar al-Assad some good to get the hell out of town while the getting is good. The people, if they are ever able to get their hands on him (and that day will come), will tare the bastard into a million itty bitty pieces. As was once observed by Gandhi, dictators eventually fall of their own weight. This is a consequence that is as natural as the setting sun. 
The news is not much better in the long run for Donald Trump: The investigation into possible Russian collusion with his campaign last year will continue. Our attention may be averted for the time being, but only temporarily. How many future "events" will they invent to keep us distracted? This is going to be interesting.
There aren't any solutions to humanity's descent into chaos and barbarism; or at least there are no easy solutions. As long as men stubbornly continue to make  their earthly fortunes by mass-producing weapons designed to murder the innocent, this dilemma will continue to confound. It's unsetting to observe that, as far as I can tell, there has been little mention in the electronic or print media that two days ago marked the centennial of America's entrance into World War One (or "The Great War" a it was known then and for a generation thereafter. No one then ever dreamed that a second cataclysm of such magnitude would again occur). Donald Trump - and most of the people who comprise his inner circle - are just reckless and foolish enough to ignite a third planetary conflict.
Most of the people I talk to are not seriously alarmed by what is happening. Again, they're not paying attention. I am. You are, too, I'm sure. If you weren't you wouldn't be reading this.

Cheerio! Pip! Pip!
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


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