Batman Fights Bane, Mitt-Man is Bain 

Batman Fights Bane, Mitt-Man is Bain

In the movies, a military contractor turns to peace and Iron Man ends up leading the Avengers. In the real world, military contractors stick to war and end up funding the conservative agenda. When his uncle was killed by gun violence, Peter Parker fought for justice as Spiderman. When a young boy was killed by gun violence, right-wingers fought for "Stand Your Ground."

And when Gotham needs a Dark Knight, a wealthy hero crusades for the least among us. When the Republicans sought their savior, a wealthy candidate crusades for the super-rich. In the Dark Knight Rises, Batman battles Bane. As the GOP collapses, it's led by the man from Bain. Comic book movies vs. the conservative movement: more fun, more popular and much better policies.

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