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Bárðarbunga: Tremors in Akureyri (updated x4)

In the Icelandic language, there's often confusion over the prepositions "í" and "á", which can be thought of as equivalent to "in" and "on" in English. For example in English, one may debate over whether it's right to say "travelling in a plane" or "travelling on a plane" and in what context. Well, in Icelandic this confusion is greater, and extends to place names. People in different areas have different opinions about which cities you use "í" with and which ones you use "á" with when describing an activity or state of being there. It's usually just safest to go with whatever the locals use for their town, as they can sometimes be rather passionate about the matter.  ;)

So I shall be succinct: the earthquakes from the major volcano Bárðarbunga are getting so big that they're feeling them á Akureyri, halfway across the country.

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