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Baltimore City Council Votes UNANIMOUSLY To Denounce Donald Trump Just Days Before His Visit

The new Baltimore City Council was sworn in this week, and in their first official act, they voted unanimously to officially ban all Trump rhetoric from the city. Newly elected that “Donald Trump’s campaign struck a shocking tone from the start,” and that the resolution formally opposes Trump’s “divisive and scapegoating rhetoric, rooted in hate and prejudice.”

Councilman Dorsey also remarked that with Trump’s expected arrival on Saturday for the annual Army/Navy football game, he sponsored the formal resolution as a late last minute way of making it clear that Trump’s brand of hate and racism won’t be tolerated in Baltimore. Dorsey added:

‘Trump routinely made wrongheaded statements about African-Americans in the United States. Here in Maryland, he referred to youths in Baltimore as having no spirit.’

Recalling Councilman Dorsey’s concerns, the :

‘During a stop in June 2015, shortly after he entered the presidential race, Trump said he “loved Baltimore,” but then said the city was afflicted with “killings on an hourly basis, virtually.”

‘”Baltimore is a very, very special case, and it’s a very sad thing that’s happened,” Trump told reporters at the time. “Baltimore needs jobs and it needs spirit. It’s got no spirit. None.”‘

The council’s decision to condemn Trump’s rhetoric was met with overwhelming approval from the crowd attending the meeting, but Todd Eberly, a political science professor at St. Mary’s College, called it “boneheaded.”

‘Boneheaded. I don’t really have the words! For the council in a city that needs aid desperately and on the eve of hosting the president-elect, it is sort of mind boggling that you would do this.'”

Baltimore’s Democratic Mayor, Catherine Pugh did not take an official position on the council’s decision, and spokesman Anthony McCarthy released a statement on her behalf:

‘Mayor Catherine Pugh congratulates the new City Council on their first meeting and looks forward to working with them on the many challenges and opportunities for our city. She is also hopeful that she will build a relationship with President-elect Trump that moves our city forward.'”

After this unprecedented move by the council, it remains to be seen whether or not Trump will agree to work with Mayor Pugh going forward, or if Baltimore will just be another victim of one of his late night Twitter rants, but regardless, the council stands by its decision to affirm the values of their city. Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke made that point clear in her remarks:

‘I am very proud that we are one of the very first city councils in the United States of America to push back and say, “Time for respect, again, in America.” The resolution is a great to start off this new term of office in that manner by pushing back, “Ain’t gonna do it that way. We’ll do it our way: respect, justice, fairness, balance.”‘

You can watch her statements below:

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