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AZ-Sen: Calls For Repealing John McCain's (R) Slippery Landgrab

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I'm Hilary Davis, a fellow MoveOn member, and I started a petition to the Arizona Legislature and the United States Congress, which says:

Repeal the land trade rider slipped into the National Defense Authorization Act by Arizona Senators McCain and Flake, which signed away sacred Apache land to Resolution Mining Company.

Not only is this rider an insidious affront to already besieged tribal sovereignty, but it is a classic case of congressional corruption: affiliates of Rio Tinto, Resolution Mining's parent company, contributed to Senator John McCain's campaign fund and previously employed Senator Jeff Flake as a paid lobbyist.1

Even the local miners group opposes the land swap, because it won't help the local people or economy.2 Rio Tinto has been called out in the past for environmental devastation. This sacred land has been used by the Apache people for countless generations for coming-of-age ceremonies and gathering traditional foods.

The Apache people have been hosting a protest on the land for the past several months. Let's support them in their efforts to save their land!

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2. "Defense Bill Passes, Giving Sacred Native American Does to Mining Company," The Huffington Post, December 12, 2014

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