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AZ-Sen: Ann Kirkpatrick (D) Goes After The Tea Party Congress On Government Shutdowns

Received this e-mail today from Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick's (D. AZ) U.S. Senate campaign:
Growing up, I watched my dad run a small business. Running a general store in the White Mountains of Arizona wasn't easy -- I'm sure. But no matter the challenge -- he met it head on.

He didn’t push problems down the road. He didn’t create deadlines and fail to meet them. And he didn’t shut down the store entirely if something wasn’t going exactly how he planned.

Tea Party members of Congress could learn a lot from my dad. They seem to think they can skirt big issues or shut the government down anytime they don’t get what they want. But that’s not how governing works.

We may have sidestepped one government shutdown in September -- but we’re running head-first into another come December. Tell the Tea Party that’s unacceptable. Sign the petition today.

Last time the Tea Party tried this, the government was closed for 16 days. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees couldn’t go to work or collect a paycheck. It cost our economy $24 BILLION in lost economic output.

And what did the Tea Party accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

Shutting down the government isn’t an answer to a problem. It’s not an effective political tactic. It’s a failure of leadership -- and we cannot afford another shutdown.

Let the Tea Party know where you stand: No more government shutdowns. Sign on today.

I’m fighting hard to keep the government running and to keep the Tea Party’s failures from hurting Arizona families.

Thanks for helping out!


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