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Awesome New Video Highlights How The GOP Quietly Destroyed Democracy – And How We Can Restore It

Most people only pay close attention to races at the national level; after all, those are the ones that the media concentrates on, as they fundamentally shape our laws at the federal level. However, it’s state legislatures that have, over the last eight years, made this hostile, nationwide takeover by the Republican Party possible. While Barack Obama was president, Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats at the state level, even in districts that should have gone blue. How, you might ask? Gerrymandering, that’s how.

At the state level, the GOP has quietly been redrawing district lines to dilute the value of the votes of Democratic voters. This allows them to win seats in districts where they never had a chance before. That’s why when you look at state maps right now, they are shaped so oddly. It’s to give the Republican vote the maximum effect. The effect is similar when we look to Governor’s races as well. After picking up all of those seats, Republicans were able to put out lies about rampant “voter fraud,” in order to justify passing laws that make it more difficult to vote – especially for young people and people of color. These are voters who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

Well, there is a that is working to help members of The Resistance across the nation undo this travesty. They are dedicating themselves to identifying seats that are flippable at the state level – hence the organization’s name – to slowly but surely restore our democracy. Remember – we have to work to elect people at all levels of government to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Here is their amazing video explaining how you can get involved in this amazing progressive effort to restore American democracy:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images