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Assh*le Sheriff David Clarke Thinks He’s Going To Be Trump’s Newest Pick For Homeland Security

On a Milwaukee radio show on Wednesday, noted scumbag David A. Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff, said he was at the Department of Homeland Security. Though Clarke is registered as a Democrat, he is a well-known conservative who has frequently clashed with liberals over nearly every ideological position one can imagine. Clarke says he will be heading up the Department’s Office of Public Engagement, though no formal announcement has yet been made:

Clarke has been a divisive figure, to say the least. His notoriety stems largely from his comments on the movement. He  “one of the most destructive groups to the well-being and justice for black Americans that exist today,” and said that the in Dallas last July by Afghanistan veteran Micah Johnson was “mission accomplished” for the movement. BLM denounced Johnson, and no ties to the movement were ever established, but Clarke had no qualms about repeatedly linking the two.

He has sometimes gone further:

But Sheriff David Clarke has more history than just offensive and untrue statements. Or rather, his lies have done more damage than in just a defamatory way.

In February of 2013, a driver in Milwaukee was t-boned by a Sheriff’s Deputy near Mitchell International Airport. At the scene, Tanya Weyker was arrested for DUI, a charge she protested at the time. The Deputy, Joseph Quiles, had run a stop sign and hit the car, causing it to spin out.

Except Deputy Quiles said he did stop. He testified to it in his statement, in fact. But after some by Milwaukee’s Fox 6 news team, it turned out that there was video of the incident showing the Deputy running the stop sign. That video was obtained by the Sheriff’s office just two days after the incident. The blood drawn from Weyker at the hospital following the crash pursuant to the DUI charge in her system. The DUI case persisted for ten more months. Clarke’s office sat on the video.

Sheriff Clarke found himself on the defendant’s end of a lawsuit by Ms. Weyker, which Milwaukee County settled with her allowed by law.

This is just one of the more egregious things David Clarke has done. He, like everyone Donald Trump has selected for any position within his purview to nominate, is a chronic liar. Non-partisan fact-checking site PolitiFact of Clarke’s public statements, with three-quarters of them rated either “False” or “Mostly False” — the highest rating being a single “Mostly True” about levels of violence in Wisconsin.

The upside is that Clarke will be resigning from his position as Milwaukee County Sheriff in order to take the job. That automatically makes residents in the area safer, and if Donald Trump’s current woes turn up evidence of obtaining the presidency illegally, maybe both of these assholes will be out of a job entirely.

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