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Arizona Suffers Largest Current Measles Epidemic Because Anti-Vaxxers Are A**holes

While celebrities like Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy continue their crusade to dumb America down with anti-science stupidity, Arizona is suffering the largest current measles outbreak in the nation because anti-vaxxers refuse to vaccinate their damn kids.

The epidemic is centered at a federal immigration detention center in Casa Grande.

that there are 22 cases of measles in Arizona right now and nearly half of them are because 9 detention center employees refuse to get vaccinated against the virus, which had been eradicated within American shores in 2000 but anti-vaxxers helped it make a comeback and there ended up being . From January through May there had only been 19 reported cases of measles. Now that number has grown.

But the Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees who have contracted the virus from a detainee are not being cooperative. In fact, they are passing the virus onto each other and are freely roaming around the community where people with compromised immune systems such as young children and elderly people can easily catch the highly contagious virus. Had they been vaccinated, they probably would not have contracted it in the first place.

Even people who have been vaccinated can contract it if the vaccine has worn off after so many years have gone by.

Local residents are outraged at the level of irresponsibility and believe the employees should have to be vaccinated to protect themselves, their co-workers, the people detained at the facility, and the community at-large.

“If they’re in contact with people from out of the country that are not being vaccinated, they should,” Mesa resident Joanna Strong said. “Our soldiers have to be vaccinated. So [ICE employees] should be vaccinated too.”

Anti-vaxxers refuse to get their children or themselves vaccinated because they ignorantly believe that the MMR vaccine causes autism, a claim that has been debunked over and over again ever since an irresponsible crackpot doctor in the United Kingdom performed a faulty study and claimed there is a link. But again, his study has been thoroughly debunked and there is absolutely no link to autism.

But you can’t tell that to anti-vaxxers. And that’s why an in 12 years in Washington state last summer.

The stupidity of anti-vaxxers is so dangerous that even Fox News medical expert Marc Siegel of the NYU Langone Medical Center roundly condemned their views in January 2015 with some much needed strong words.

“Let me be clear on this, I see no debate whatsoever. Period. This is the greatest vaccine that has ever been created in the history of vaccines. You know we stamped out measles in the United States in 2000. It was incredible because measles is the most contagious virus known to man. If you had measles there would be a 90 percent chance that I would get it by sitting next to you if I weren’t vaccinated. It’s so much more contagious than the flu. We were talking about Ebola, this is a million times more contagious than Ebola!”

In short, Arizona and other state for that matter should not have to deal with outbreaks of measles epidemics. Resources are being wasted when their is a perfectly good vaccine that exists to wipe the virus out for good. Anti-vaxxers are a threat to the public health and safety and should be required by law to vaccinate. Because even one person dying from measles is too many.

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