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April’s Fools Have Come Early

Donald Trump Abortion Comment

Donald Trump said women who have abortions deserve some sort of punishment. Later he clarified that the doctors should be punished.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is gaining female Republicans, since Trump went on the attack against Cruz’s wife. The best hope to stop Trump’s misogyny is a man who wants to defund and criminalize Planned Parenthood.

North Carolina’s anti-LGBT laws are getting slammed by Apple and other tech companies. The GOP’s potential riotous, racist convention is getting a cold shoulder from Coca-Cola.

And every GOP candidate who had previously pledged that they would support the winner of the primary, has now taken back that foolish pledge.

It’s not even April Fool’s Day yet, and yet April’s fools seem to have come early.

Choose fun over foolishness, merriment over misogyny as you share political perspectives over a pint at your local progressive social club.

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